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The National Quandary

Border Wall Prototype Contains Scary 3D Images

Border wall with 3D images

SAN DIEGO, CA – A handful of companies revealed their border wall prototypes on Tuesday. Most of the designs involved varying heights of concrete as well as foundation slabs that ran deep underground to prevent scaling and tunneling.

As an additional measure, the Department of Homeland Security is adding an extra layer of psychological warfare to the designs. According to sources, the DHS has contracted a company to paint massive murals on the Mexican side of the wall. These murals are reported to contain 3D images that will “jump out” at immigrants and hopefully scare them back to Mexico.

We plan to employ a vast range of scary imagery.” said Thomas Gentry, a manager overseeing the project. “We plan on weaving bears, sharks, and dinosaurs into the walls. Think about it. When someone approaches the wall, they’ll see the image and BAM! Back to Mexico they go. Who would suspect a T-Rex in the desert? It’d scare the shit out of me, I guarantee it!”

An information packet for the idea described how some sections would contain glow in the dark paint, specifically to deter night crossings. They may even add in designs that contain ghosts or zombies added Gentry.

Critics of the idea point out that someone who is active with adrenaline due to the illegality of border crossing might not be able to relax their eyes enough to see the image. The point was not lost on him said Gentry. He’s currently working with suppliers to scatter bags of marijuana along the wall, hoping that immigrants will smoke up and stare at the imagery, therefore losing all desire to cross.

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