The National Quandary

The National Quandary

Donald Trump Takes Credit For Success Of Black Panther

Trump Takes Credit For Black Panther Success

PENNSYLVANIA – In front of a crowd of supporters at a pep rally for Rick Saccone, who is the Republican rep for a special congressional election seat on Tuesday, the President took credit for the record breaking success of Black Panther, Marvel’s newest movie addition to the expanded universe.

“We did a great job with Hollywood.” said the President. “The studio execs. Tremendous people they are. We’ve been given tremendous credit. And by the way I have a great relationship with the blacks. The best. They called me the other day and said without Donald Trump, the movie would have been a total failure. They were really very successful. And as you know they weren’t looking that way prior to. It’s true. Might as well say it, nobody else is gonna say it, right? It’s a little hard to sell tickets in a country where people think all races are equal.”

Trump then segued into hoping that Oprah would run, his win over Hillary Clinton, bragged about his beautiful feet, and how he’s going to bring Bigfoot along with him during the midterm elections this November.

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