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The National Quandary

Dyslexic Designer Responsible For Ford Truck Recall

Dyslexic Designer Responsible For Ford Truck Recall

DEARBORN, MI – A Design Engineer suffering from dyslexia was identified as the reason why tens of thousands of new Ford trucks will be recalled for a “cosmetic adjustment”.

According to sources, the engineer entered the wrong combination of letters into the computer before finalizing the printing of grilles meant to adorn the new line of F-150 Raptors. As a result, the prominent “FORD” lettering on the trucks were instead labeled with the word “DORF”.

Assembly line workers responsible for quality control were largely apathetic about the error. “I look at a few thousand of these per day,” said one employee who wished to remain anonymous. “After a while, you just kind of zone out. I test the quality of the things. You know. Durability, toughness, stuff like that. I don’t give a flippin’ knot hole what’s spelled on it. I don’t get paid for that. That’s someone else’s job.”

“We really didn’t notice, “said Andy Masters, a sales associate in Virginia. “They still moved like hotcakes. We do have a pool going as to whether the higher ups will change the slogan to ‘Spell Ford Tough’ though.”, he snickered.

Chuck Jamison, a new owner of the truck in question, thinks he might keep it the way it is. “I did ask the sales guy if it was a Chinese knock off. Had an experience like that with a Rolex I bought once. But I figured what the hell, might as well keep it. Might be worth a lot of money. A thrice removed family relation got a good chuck of change for a Kansas state quarter that said, ‘In god we rust’. Plus, I’m a big Tim Conway fan, so it would make a great collectable hung up in my man cave.”

Ford is offering a free grille replacement for those who want one. Executives are also monitoring the situation and, depending on the cult popularity, may release a limited edition line of FROD trucks next spring.

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