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The National Quandary

Intel To Produce Chips In BBQ And Salt & Vinegar

BBQ Chip

CHANDLER, Arizona – With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, top computer chip manufacturer, Intel, recently announced a bold initiative in order to boost sales of a stagnant desktop market.

Hans Kappernik, a scientist from Intel’s Research and Development Department, made the reveal during their last shareholders meeting. “Everyone has been pushing Virtual Reality and focusing only on the visual immersion of digital entertainment. We decided that the market was ripe enough to appeal to a user’s alternative senses, one of which being the sense of smell!”

Kappernik pioneered the development of a new type of silicon dioxide coating that would contain “flavor crystals”. In addition to extra heat dissipation properties, the coating would release an aroma proportional to the fan speed RPM.

“If a user is working with applications that are more resource intensive, the cooling fan spins faster, which results in a stronger scent. At the moment, we are working with popular potato chip flavors, BBQ and Salt & Vinegar. We’ll have to see how those scents work out before we attempt to branch out into other flavors. ”

Intel is considering the possibility of testing their new chips in Colorado, where the state’s high population of marijuana infused computer gamers are projected to boost the sales of actual potato chips as well.

photo credit: William Hook via flickr


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