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The National Quandary

LA Dodgers Successfully Avoid Meeting The President

LA Dodgers celebrate not meeting the President

LOS ANGELES – Feelings of relief and comfort emanated from the dressing room of the LA Dodgers after falling to the Houston Astros 5-1 in Game 7 of a thrilling World Series battle after realizing the club wouldn’t have to visit the White House to meet the President.

“Winning the World Series has been a dream of mine since I was a six year old.”said one player who wished to remain off the record. “But the thought of having to shake the President’s hand while pretending to enjoy it really put a damper on our desire to win.”

During an after game press conference, players denied that they intentionally threw the game, but agreed that they were not “fully invested in a positive outcome”.

Multiple Houston players reportedly appreciated the condolences they received from the Dodgers during the post game handshake.

Many Dodger fans in attendance were upset with the outcome of the game, but were looking forward to betting on which Astros players would show up, be uninvited, or who would plan to be sick that day.

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