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Man Can’t Figure Out Wife’s Penmanship On Shopping List

Shopping List

LOUIS, MI – A man who was looking forward to a stress-free trip to the grocery store, was stricken with a sense of panic when he couldn’t figure out what his wife had written on their shopping list.

Nick Trundle thought things were going well. He had just picked up some Folgers tea and persevered in finding the right box of hair color. That was before he got to item number six.

According to witnesses, Trundle attempted to view the list at different angles. “For the love of all that is holy, what did she do when she wrote this?” he thought to himself. “Does that say “cereal” or “Loreal”?”

Trundle, who was still recovering from Thursday’s mandarin orange episode when he bought bagged oranges instead of canned, began asking random shoppers in the same isle if they could identify the abnormally written item. One shopper told The National Quandary that Mr. Trundle appeared crazy and almost hit him with mace. Eventually, the store manager was called in to aid, but he couldn’t shine any light on the situation either.

Trundle was last seen temporarily abandoning his cart, so he could go outside to get a clear cell phone signal. Local experts thought this was a sure sign that Trundle would attempt to call his wife for confirmation. The National Quandary will update as the story unfolds.

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