The National Quandary

The National Quandary

Millions Of Zuckerberg Clones Fan Out To Record All Non Facebook Related Activity

Mark Zuckerberg clone recording intimate details

MENLO PARK, CA – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has made billions from data collection, is now looking to expand its vast empire outside of the realm of its online community.

The social media giant has successfully developed millions of Zuckerberg clones, designed to latch onto a host and create a symbiotic relationship. The clones will record every detail of a host’s life as it unfolds in real time. The clones will be programmed to detach from a host and “dock” at night to upload the day’s data to Facebook’s massive information hub.

Premature detachment may result in corrupted files and deletion from all known social media profiles rendering the host’s life useless.

Zuckerberg told TNQ that this level of intimacy is the next logical step to fully understand his users and hopes that this will further his goal to unite the world under one Facebook umbrella.

According to a press release, Facebook was also exploring the possibilities of coloring your real-life profile face including special frames to generate around one’s head to let everyone around you know that you stand for something. A Facebook Live feature is also being explored, allowing people in your friends list to jump in and out of your life at any time in first person view.

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