The National Quandary

The National Quandary

NASA Taps Marijuana Engineers For Space Exploration

NASA rocket

In a move to attract top level talent for future missions, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is actively pursuing creative forces from an unlikely source, the marijuana industry.

Marissa Thompson, a NASA Aerospace Engineer, explained their approach. “Since marijuana has become more acceptable in the country, we’ve taken note of the explosion of gadgets that have been developed with the intent of smoking it. There are so many diverse and impressive designs and I think that NASA could really use their creative problem-solving abilities. I’ve seen one gentleman design a fully working bong out of old lawnmower parts. Clearly, these are some very inspired people, and I believe that they could benefit the space program immensely.”

Thompson cited other scientific industries that have benefitted from the ganja boom. “They’ve been instrumental in advances of DNA and agricultural splicing from the invention of new strains. They’ve uncovered cutting-edge uses in the healthcare industry and developed new drugs. I would love to see what approaches they pursue with aeronautical design.”

Critics of the idea have pointed out that building a vaporizer and the knowledge needed for modern rocket science are in two completely different realms, but Thompson didn’t think that would be a problem.

“I think they will demonstrate the ability to chart their own course so to speak.”, said Thompson. “Inspiration and creativity are the main qualities that we’re after. I mean, if you told these guys that Mars was a floating ball of weed, they would design a capsule to get colonists there with a travel time of two weeks on a few syringes of fuel. All we have to do is keep them supplied with potato chips, and they’ll happily work 24/7.”

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