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Nation Poised To Rediscover Curling


It’s been only a week and a half since the Olympic torch was extinguished in Pyeongchang, but the country has a head start on wiping away the memory of winning curling gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The sport of curling, second only to Biathlon in sports that Americans don’t care about until they win something, enjoyed a surge in popularity after the Men’s team took gold. But Kevin Fraser, President of the Minnesota Curling Federation, hopes the popularity is short lived.

“It’s great that there was so much attention brought to the sport.” said Fraser. “But honestly, I don’t want to do this shit forever. Once every four years is enough. I mean who wants to hang out in a curling rink year-round? Not me! If it gets too popular, more people will show up and want to play. I’d never get out of the rink.”

Fraser, much like the majority in the curling community, looks forward to more intensive beer league sports, like bowling, darts, or pool during the 1,460-day off season.

A local man listening in to our interview, told The National Quandary that he was in Pyeongchang to watch the gold medal game and gushed at the experience of witnessing the win. When asked about the state of Curling and his thoughts on how the country could nurture the growth of the sport, the man replied, “Curling? What’s that? Something you do to your hair?”

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