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New Reality Show Showcases Reality Show Workers Working Reality Show

Filming people filming a reality show

In an over saturated entertainment market, NBC has revealed that they plan to unleash a new type of reality show this summer.

NBC spokespeople told The National Quandary that they intend to capture the behind the scenes take of a show behind the scenes of a show. Execs were excited about the idea of filming the filmers who are filming to show the world what it takes to record the recorders recording.

“It’s an interesting concept. Our test groups responded positively to the idea.”, said Andre Goulet, the show’s creator and co-writer. “The majority of reality shows on the market have a solitary layer. The formula that says you throw a complication at the talent, and film the talent dealing with the complication for engineered drama is running its course. It’s going the way of the dodo. So we’re going to add an additional layer and throw a pickle at the crew while they are documenting the talent dealing with a pickle of their own and document it. It’s ingenious!”

Goulet is confident that they will be able to sell execs on another season where he plans to add an extra layer. Season two will involve capturers injecting monkey wrenches into the lives of their subsequent capturers who will be invoking monkey wrenches into their subservient capturers throwing monkey wrenches at the talent and capture it.

Rumor has it that the studio will tap the services of Inception director Christopher Nolan to helm the series having had previous experience in filming stacked layers of reality.

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