The National Quandary

The National Quandary

Pop Culture Climate Change Blamed For Rise In Sharknado Movies


LOS ANGELES, CA – A general warning was issued by the Academy of Motion Pictures today to be on the alert for more Sharknado movies.

The warning, which was last issued by the Academy in 2012 shortly after American Reunion was released, has been a favorite Hollywood tactic to shake writers out of their funk and produce something new instead of rehashing the same ideas.

“In terms of the present culture climate, we’re really in a perfect storm.”, said Scott Miller who is a panelist for the Academy. “We thought the success of the first movie was a complete anomaly. We were proven wrong with the second. We thought the climate had changed for the better, but there were three more! It’s like a train wreck. No one can stop watching them!”

Miller states that he’s seen ebbs and flows in the tide of pop culture climate before, but nowhere near this consistent or intense. “We’ve had a new movie every year since 2013.”, said Miller. “It would be complacent of us to not prepare for a sixth Sharknado due out this summer.”

Judging from his pop culture climate models, Miller expects the West coast to be hit the hardest this season. He advises the public to avert their eyes from any movie posters or trailers, lest you be sucked into the eye of the storm.

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