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The National Quandary

Twitter 280 Character Limit Doubles Chances Of Saying Stupid Shit

Twitter birds tweeting

Twitter, an online platform that allows famous actors, musicians, and sports figures to routinely and repeatedly stick their foot in their own mouths, recently doubled the tweet character limit from 140 to 280.

The move was meant to create more space for complete thoughts. But researchers that have been studying the results aren’t so sure.

Dr. Peter Lamb, a Social Media Physician, revealed his findings. “You see, when someone composes a tweet, they don’t immediately know it’s a bad tweet until they post it. Their followers in the Twitter-sphere will then let them know if the thought is good or horrible. There was a certain amount of cover that a 140-character limit allowed. There were abbreviations, or made up jargon that granted a little leeway in translation. They could recover, in some cases, by saying, “No, I didn’t mean that! I meant this.”, and then attempt to explain themselves. With a 280-character limit, there is simply more room to finish an appalling thought. So really, what the expanded limit does is allow someone to dig an even deeper hole initially with very little chance of recovery.”

TNQ interviewed several Twitter power users at a local coffee shop to get their feelings towards the new limit.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more boycotts of TV shows, movies, and store chains.” said Kyle Masterson who also admitted his disdain for anything containing pumpkin spice.

“They need to look at like, re-branding man.” offered personal aura masseuse Ziggy Cosmic. “I mean, we just had Halloween right? So is it 140, or 280. Like Twit, or Tweet. Ha ha ha. Twit or Tweet! Like which is it man?”

We reached out to Twitter for comment on whether they would consider re-branding future posts as Twits, but have yet to receive a reply.

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