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The National Quandary

Vanessa Trump Eliminated From “The President”

Vanessa Trump eliminated from reality show, The President

WASHINGTON, DC – In a twist that no one saw coming, cult fan favorite and New York native Vanessa Trump, was eliminated from contention during last night’s episode of The President.

Vanessa, who had made it through multiple elimination rounds, was visibly shocked at Donald Trump Jr’s decision. With five roses in hand, Trump Jr gave three away to his limo driver, his agent, and a bag of money from an offshore company. In a drama filled moment with apprehensive background music, Don Jr apologized to his wife of thirteen years and gave his final rose to the Twitter app on his cell phone.

Vanessa sobbed during her exit interview, lamenting that her perfect man was no more. “I didn’t see this coming. I thought there was definitely more and of course, I’m disappointed. I’m still hopeful. As a person, I want love.”

Vanessa may be down, but she is not out. She said that she will feel better, she just needs some time to reflect. After leaving the property in an Uber, a representative from ABC told TNQ to look for Vanessa during the next season of Dancing with the Stars this Spring.


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