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The National Quandary

White House Planning Tell All Presidential Library

Tell all books from the Trump Presidency

PALM BEACH, FL – The Office of Presidential Libraries revealed today that the Trump administration is actively planning on building the country’s largest library to contain the overflowing collection of tell all books written by ousted staff.

“The anticipated novels are so numerous that a mini economy is anticipated to rise under the sheer volume of archives.”, said Larry Conners, Chief Overseer. “Historically, a Presidential Library is built with the intention of preserving documents and artifacts to present to the public for non-partisan study and discussion. This library appears to be designed to purposefully destroy the contents inside. That will, of course, signal printers to print more copies which will gradually be destroyed again. See how that goes?”

One glaring difference with the Trump administration’s library is that the periodicals will also be replaced by books with a more positive interpretation of how the administration conducted itself. In other words, there will be literal battalions of authors rewriting history.

When asked about the volume of books he expected to house, Mr. Conners replied,”Well, let’s see. Thousands of staff within hundreds of departments, foreign and domestic. There’s the inner circle, most will be in jail, so they’ll have a lot of time on their hands. Times that by the amount of prints. Carry the 6. I reckon we’ll be dealing with a collection that will hit the trillions.”

It’s unclear where the library will be constructed, but sources indicate that there have been significant land related purchases by Russian oligarchs near Trump’s Mar-A-Lago property. Fact finders are not actively pursuing leads that would definitively reveal the location, citing the well proven theory that someone will soon write a tell all in the next few months to cash in.

A groundskeeper on the property, who TNQ gave $50 to for a tip, also revealed there have been discussions about erecting a football field sized data center to harbor all the President’s tweets.

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