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The National Quandary

Woman Can’t Decide If Package Is Recyclable

Box with Recycle icon

CHICAGO, IL – In our role of being responsible stewards for the planet, sometimes confusion can rain down at unexpected times. Such was the case for Celeste Hill.

31-year-old Hill was calmly getting school lunch ready for her children when she finished a cereal carton. Normally she doesn’t think twice about these kinds of things. But her eye just so happened to capture something strange that challenged her conventional wisdom.

“It’s a cereal box. It’s cardboard. Cardboard is recyclable. But sometimes they’re not because of the waxy coating used for printing. It plainly has the “recycle” icon on the packaging, but the message says that it’s “made from 100% recycled material.” What does that mean? Does it mean you can recycle it, or is it just a little information tidbit, like,” Haaaay, this was made with recycled material. Good job for picking it.” That’s great and all, but is it RECYCLABLE AGAIN?”

Hill’s children became concerned when they came downstairs to eat breakfast and found their mother starring intently at the packaging in question. She was non-responsive to their checks for about five minutes, lost in her world of how she would handle the situation.

The breakup of the morning routine also made her children late for school. Mrs Hill was distressed further when she had to fill out the school’s truancy report and was told by the secretary that “cardboard box” was not a good reason to give for being late.

Mrs. Hill told TNQ that she plans to call the waste management company later today to discover exactly what she should do with like packaging in the future.

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