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Woman Passes On Scenic Calendar Citing Horrible April Picture

Calendar with horrible April picture

HARTFORD, CT – An area woman, in search of an interesting nature themed calendar, decided against the purchase because of a picture that comparatively looked out of place.

Norah Rodgers told The National Quandary that she was searching for the perfect calendar to hang on her fridge. “You know. Something with really beautiful and inspiring photos that would allow me to day dream a little and give a good positive boost to my morning routine.”

Mrs. Rodgers spent the better part of fifteen minutes at a kiosk in her local shopping mall, hunting for one that she liked. “That’s when I saw it,” said Rodgers. It had a nice dark, dramatic sheen, and the pictures were great. There were a couple of nice sunsets, an aerial photo, one with palm trees. God I love palm trees. I think one appeared to be Monument Valley.  It looked perfect.”

That’s when her eyes settled on the picture for the month of April. “At first I didn’t understand. I was like what is this a picture of? It looked like a crop circle alien with an Afro. Why is this even here among a collection of mountains and oceans? And I didn’t know what was coming out of its mouth. A pipe maybe? What kind of calendar maker company puts an Afro weed smoking alien crop circle into a nature calendar? I couldn’t buy it. It was just too um, too off.”

Mrs. Rodgers told TNQ that while she will continue the search for a calendar with a more consistent theme, she could be persuaded to purchase one featuring nothing but pictures of Ryan Reynolds. “Talk about someone who could put an extra step into my mornings. Rowr!”

UPDATE: Witnesses recently told TNQ that Mrs. Rodgers did ultimately decide on another nature based calendar. However she was flummoxed further when she opened it at home and realized that none of the pictures contained any notations as to where the scenes were geographically located.

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